Adoption Details



The price of one of our Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle puppies is $3000.00 for any gender or coat color.


  • Puppy born from generations of health tested breeding dogs
  • 2-Year Health Guarantee from inherited diseases.
  • 30 day free health insurance for puppy
  • Micro ID chip and ready for you to register
  • Neuter or Spay may be taken care of before pup goes home, or Breeder pays Buyers Vet directly a set capped price of $175.00 on the day pup is spayed or neutered before 8 months of age under contract.
  • Records of 2 vaccinations & worming parasite medications dates given.
  • Examination with Vet Health Certificate prior to puppy take home.
  • A 3 lb. bag of puppy’s current food
  • 3 -day supply of NuVet supplement ( immunity boost with nutrients)
  • A new fitted collar and leash
  • A comfort blanket with litters scent
  • Natural chew and toy
  • A list of helpful products to buy and helpful training ideas.
  • Health Certificate by Vet for air travel if applicable


Once confirmation received from Buyers Vet that puppy is neutered or spayed and invoice is paid your ALAA Registration Certificate will be mailed to you.


We require a deposit of $500.00 U.S dollars paid through PayPal (or check) to reserve a choice a litter due to be born. A deposit of $1000.00. US dollars to secure a puppy from litter already whelped. All your deposit payment is applied towards your puppy full purchase price of puppy. We offer our puppies in the order of confirmation of deposit.


All deposits are firmly non-refundable, when holding reservation for non-born pups or holding a reservation for puppy from litter already born.

Final payment must be made in U.S. dollars and checks or cashier checks made payable to Ann Pacheco at six weeks of age and before flights are booked if applicable. 


Buyer is required to prepay Puppy airfare and shipping cost of $425.00 one week before puppy flight is booked. Puppy take home date is subject to change due to weather conditions, airlines changes and anything beyond our ability to control.


As part of our enforcement and legal documentation of Hillcrest Doodles spay / neuter agreement for all puppies, we request a copy of the primary purchaser driver’s license and reserve the right to request a notary to review and notarize signature on puppy contract prior to puppy homecoming date


All our puppies have a firmly enforced mandatory spay/neuter contract or are spayed or neutered prior to homecoming for out of state puppies. If you wish to breed Labradoodles or are a breeder this must be specified in the original puppy application, emails and clearly communicated.


There is no firm choice in advance or a pick of the litter. All puppies are a pick of the litter for their ideal family. Puppies must mature to six weeks old before allocations are made.  At that time a puppy open house is scheduled for visitation and selection. If you are unable to make visit, we can help you by video and phone.  Selections will be made in order of deposits received.  It’s extremely important that each puppy get their ideal home, and you get the ideal puppy. Consider that all puppies have periods of playfulness, cuddle time and downtime and when you make selection.   We make every effort to describe each puppy to help match you to a puppy based on their temperament and personality characteristics and energy levels.  We encourage you to consider more than coat color and gender when making selections.


Breeder reserves the right to hold back any pups for our breeding program at any time.


A discount of $200.00 is offered when you adopted a second Doodle from Hillcrest Doodles. A discount of $200.00  is offered when adopting 2 pups at the same time.


Your reservation deposit of $500.00 gives you choice of available pups to be born. If there is not an ideal puppy for you in a litter, your placement may move to the top of the next litter waiting list.


If you or a member of your family has pet related allergies, a multi-generational puppy will have the most potential to be allergy friendly. Very seldom will the coat of a multi generation Labradoodle puppy be a problem. Although some people find they are allergic to dog saliva. If after purchasing and delivery of a puppy you find that it does not work out for you or your family because of allergies, we require notification within 4 days after delivery of your pup. In this case you will have to verify the condition with a written statement from your doctor. We will gladly take the puppy back in this situation, and you will receive a substantial refund. The expenses incurred in the process of prepping/shipping the puppy to you and if applicable also for the return shipping and expenses if required.


Labradoodles will have some very low hair breakage or loss just as humans have a certain amount of natural hair loss. This is not considered shedding. Note: Labradoodle puppies will molt off their puppy coat as adult coat grows in and will require grooming to prevent matting.


If at any time your puppy does not work out for you for any other reason listed in the pet allergy guarantee section above, please notify me and I will take the puppy / dog back or be able to provide for re-homing. You will be refunded some of your money deducting the reshipping or pickup expenses or other costs and you will receive it only when the puppy is resold. This however, it may not be the full amount of the purchase price, as older dogs do not always sell for the same price as a puppy. Deposit is always non-refundable in all cases any shipping cost to return the puppy / dog is buyer’s responsibility.


We request Buyers to notify us as soon as possible if pup becomes ill within the first 7 months of adoption. Breeder recommends while puppy is growing and developing to restrict your puppy up-to 12 months of age to physical activity to a reasonable amount, and do not allow the puppy to go up-down stairs, go jogging, hike extremely difficult terrain or hike for excessive duration and to ever become dehydrated. To do so may cause permanent damage to your puppy-dog.


Puppy Purchase Process:

  • You may Pre-Reserve a Puppy with a deposit of $500, and completing our required application.  You may list your preferences for sex, size and possible other preference. Deposit is increase to $1,000.00 for a puppy from a litter already whelped. A deposit places you priority waiting list for future litters. You will be notified as soon as pregnancy has been confirmed, and when puppies are whelped.
  • Wait list will be sent a puppy birth announcement and pictures.
  • Breeder will assist family with puppy allocation.
  • We will be sharing up-dates on your puppy’s development, coat, and size differences as well as the puppy’s personality and energy differences. We recommend the best puppy for you by puppy temperament, energy and personality traits. We send periodic photos and short videos.
  • You may choose to wait for another puppy from other litters. Notify Breeder in writing (email) before puppy is 6 or 7 weeks old so puppy can be allocated to another family.
  • When you agree to choose a particular puppy that we recommend then a puppy purchase contract will be sent by email and payment in full is due.
  • Breeder is held harmless to anything Buyer purchases in preparation for pup prior to finalization of adoption, including but not limited to fence, crate, food etc.
  • Should Buyer for any reason decide to bring a lawsuit against breeder, buyer must incur all expenses for breeder including travel and any financial loss incurred if required to be away from breeding business.
  • Breeders reserve the right to refuse puppy adoption and refund buyer’s money at any time before buyer take delivery.


Thank you for consideration of one of our Hillcrest Doodles.

We look forward to making your doodle dreams come true!


Prior to submitting an application, view our Puppy Package to see the price of our puppies and all that is included with the purchase of a darling Hillcrest Doodles puppy.